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What's in your cannabis?

October 26, 2017

What’s in your cannabis?

Sure it looks like some amazing flower, tastes like your fav strain, but do you know the provenance of your weed? At CANNVIS, the Bay Area's premier marijuana delivery service, we’ll make sure you do. We’re absolutely fickle when it comes to the cannabis products we deliver — we never compromise, and demand our products we carry meet the quality testing standards set forth by a PhD chemist and PhD microbiologist who founded CW Analytical Laboratories to provide next-generation lab testing for pesticides, solvents, chemicals, and a number of ‘bad actors’ that find their way into the agribusiness of cannabis.

As part of our service, we demand full spectrum tests for potency (cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, etc.), terpene profile (organic compounds that magnify the therapeutic effects), pesticides and microbiological contamination for everything that hits our shelves to guarantee safe cannabis consumption.

CANNVIS believes that part and parcel of our service and premium inventory, testing is a unique differentiator for ours, respected by our patients who see the importance behind the top-shelf, tested cannabis they are putting into their body. The sensory (experience) and sensibility (be smart) have a place at the table with the green-rush of new products across dispensaries, recreational retail, and delivery services.

Early on, CANNVIS made testing part of our mission to ensure only the best arrives at your door. There’s no reason why cannabis should not follow the same governances and consumer safety standards of any food or product that goes into you’re your body; whether you smoke, drink, eat, or vape it, CANNVIS requires cannabis completely tested, safe, and uniformly approved to be 100% proven to be what you expect.

So why is it other services and “big name” brick and mortars aren’t fully testing their product? Sure it’s an additional expense, takes a little bit of time, but it they’re truly sourcing the best of the best, why wouldn’t they want to brag? Do they have something to hide? Only time will tell as we draw closer to tighter regulation, but rest assured when you purchase from CANNVIS you can be confident you’re receiving the finest cannabis available in California.