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100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 180MG | CACAO 66%

Elegant dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts, caramel bits, and cocoa nibs.

We celebrate the rise of hazelnut flavor in America. It wasn't long ago that Nutella was something most Californians encountered only while on vacation nearly anywhere in Europe„from Dublin to Copenhagen to Rome. Now, we snag jars of the spreadable hazelnut ambrosia in grocery stores in Eureka and San Diego. And it is easy to find what may be Nutella's Platonic ideal„as accompaniment to a warm crepe. The joys of the hazelnut crepe prompted our chocolatier to craft a bar that would capture the spirit of the dish, if not the griddled disc of batter. Bonus: You can take our version of hazelnut crepes with you.

This product is gluten-free. Made with organic chocolate.