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Connect no. 410 | Pack

Connect no. 410 | Pack



25.87% THC | 0.06% CBD

Intended use: When it’s time to laugh, go out with friends or get intimate, invite Canndescent Connect.

When to consume: For social situations

Why Effects vs Strains?

Quite like the graphic user interface humanized technology in the early 1980s, Canndescent humanizes and democratizes cannabis flower by eliminating strain names and describing effects. Curating flowers with names like Calm No. 101 or Charge No. 508, Canndescent makes the category more shoppable, approachable, and intuitive.  This allows both experts and novices alike to curate, control, and enrich their cannabis journey, pairing strains with activities. If you can answer the simple question, "How do I want to feel," you can enjoy The Art of Flower.