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About Us

The inspiration behind CANNVIS is pure and simple: we’re passionate about cannabis and want to elevate the industry.

From inception, our vision has been to set a higher bar for the cannabis industry and challenge society’s perception of this remarkable herb whose benefits have been praised since antiquity. It’s time to restore the plants acclaim and tear down its undeserved stigma. Our goal is to change the way cannabis is perceived and appreciated by people from all walks of life. A lofty goal? Perhaps. But we are 100% committed.

It all starts with passion, really. Passion for the plant. For the growers. For uncompromising quality. Passion for the craft that goes into producing a product that enhances so many lives.

We are a company that celebrates cannabis, comprised of visionaries who see this industry for what it could be, far beyond what it is today.

To that end, we’ve hand-selected and partnered with California’s most dedicated producers to deliver our members an unrivaled experience. This isn’t just our business; it’s our craft, it’s our passion and it’s our vision.




Ultimately, our vision is to leave the most positive and indelible mark on the world that we can, not only by revolutionizing and supporting the cannabis industry, but also by giving back to our community.

CANNVIS exists first and foremost to improve our members’ quality of life and to celebrate the amazing, life-enhancing benefits that this special plant provides. But beyond that, we aim to financially support organizations we deeply believe in, whose mission, cause and vision line up with our own.

We’ve got some pretty cool things planned, and as we engage with and support these organizations, we’ll tell you their story on our blog. Stay tuned to learn more about how we are making an impact and giving back to our community.