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Collective Agreement

I hereby consent to the benefits provided by membership in CANNVIS Collective, a nonprofit collective (“CANNVIS”). 

I am informed that CANNVIS is a nonprofit collective organized as a means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members.  I understand that CANNVIS has made no efforts encouraging me to produce or use any substances for any medical condition.  I have been informed by CANNVIS that I should continue to seek professional medical advice regarding my use of any cannabis product. 

I understand that CANNVIS reserves the right to refuse service(s) to members.  I understand that any person caught violating CANNVIS’ Rules or Membership Agreement may be excluded from membership.  I am informed that membership is open to patients whose physicians’ recommendations or approvals for cannabis, or whose medical cannabis identification cards, have not expired, and to designated primary caregivers of such patients. 

I agree not to use cannabis for other than medical purposes.  I agree not to distribute cannabis to non-members of the CANNVIS Collective.  I understand that any member caught diverting cannabis for non-medical use may be excluded from membership. 

I affirm that I am above 18 years of age or have the consent of my parent/guardian, and that the information stated on my Information Form is truthful and accurate.  If I am on parole or probation or released on bail, I certify that no condition of such parole, probation, or bail prohibits my use of medical cannabis. 

I understand that my contributions to CANNVIS through products I may acquire from the Collective are used to ensure continued operation of CANNVIS, and that such transactions are exchanges to cover overhead costs and operating expenses, and in no way constitute commercial promotion. 

I understand that medical cannabis, while being a well-known effective therapeutic agent, is still considered illegal by the federal government.  Therefore, by signing this form, all members of the CANNVIS Collective are committing an act of collective federal civil resistance.