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Positivi-Tea | Single - CANNVIS

Positivi-Tea | Single

Positivi-Tea | Single



10mg THC
5mg CBD

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, and 10mg is the legal single-dose limit in most legal states. We recommend this product for people who know their dose. Unless you are used to cannabis-infused products, this tea will get you high. We do not recommend Positivi-tea if you are brand new to the cannabis experience.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound (it does not get you high) renowned for a whole host of healing properties (anti-inflammatory, calmative, pain relief; see our cannabinoid chart).

If you are a newbie and want to start low, we recommend you order Sympa-tea. (Though please note we are not trying to up-sell you by suggesting Sympa-tea, which costs a bit more. Sympa-tea contains high levels of CBD, which is currently much more expensive than THC).